A fine website devoted to demonstrating things considered as deviations from normality.
You can expect seeing fecal porn there, guys in fursuits being humped by stuffed horses, and the like. A fine site indeed.

Phucked up Sex Mates, Phucked up Drunken Chicks, you name it, everything out of the ordinary looking for sex, youll find it here
modern times - website membership :))


I have to tell - i don't know if this site is good. They are very popular because of heavy marketing - i saw their ads almost on EVERY porn
website ! They have to got a BIG ad budget. So.. to check what they offer you have to check yourself, simply. thatsphucked is most mysterious
from adult personals services - because you can't see any profiles any pictures of members - almost nothing - only a plain registration form.

i'm not affiliated with www.thatsphucked.com this review is independent

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